Taking Better Care Of Your Skin

Bites, Blemishes, And Boils: How To Determine If Your Skin Aliment Requires A Trip To The Physician

Skin eruptions are common and can pop up anywhere on your body. While many skin conditions are nothing to worry about, some can be serious and may require treatment by a physician. Knowing the difference between those that are serious and those that are not is important for your health.


While you can easily recognize the itchy, red bite of a mosquito, some insect bites are not so easy to identify. Spider bites are more difficult to recognize. If you see a spider biting you, you should always put the spider in a small plastic bag to try and identify it to see if the spider is one of the varieties that can cause harm.

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to be bitten by a spider and not be aware of it. This can occur when you are sleeping, working outdoors, etc. If you notice a strange mark on your body that appears to be a bite and looks unusual, you can typically use a wait-and-see approach.

However, if you feel ill or begin to experience unusual symptoms, you should call your physician. Spider bites may cause feelings of generalized illness, such as fever, chills, and fatigue. They can also cause nausea and tremors. You should also pay close attention to the area surrounding the bite. Dark edges and enlargement of the bite can be a sign that the spider venom is causing the skin to become necrotic. This requires a trip to the doctor.

Bee and wasp stings are other bites you will need to watch closely. Even if you never had a reaction to a bee sting, you can develop a sensitivity to them. These reactions can be dangerous and usually occur within minutes of being stung. Hives, difficulty breathing, and severe swelling require a 911 call or a trip to the local hospital emergency room.

It is not uncommon to experience swelling, warmth, and redness at the site of the bee sting. This can last for several days and may appear to grow larger in sensitive individuals. Extreme swelling, discomfort, and redness that lasts beyond a few days should be evaluated by a physician.


A small bump or clusters of bumps that are red and raised may simply be acne. Even if you are beyond the teen years, which are common for acne, you may still develop an outbreak on occasion. These breakouts can be triggered by stress and eating too many greasy and fried foods. They will usually go away with gentle skin cleansing and a little time.

Blemishes that become chronic, inflamed, or that enlarge over time instead of lessening should be evaluated by your doctor.


Boils appear as large bumps that are painful and sore to touch. They will likely grow larger for a few days before they burst. They may contain pus or blood-like substance and can leave scars after they burst.

A lone boil that clears up within a week is usually not a reason for concern. However, if you develop multiple boils or multiple boils that keep occurring frequently, this may warrant a trip to your physician to find out the cause of the boils. An outbreak of boils accompanied by a fever should not be ignored. Most bites, blemishes, and boils are not serious. Knowing the difference between what requires a trip to the doctor and what doesn't will give you peace of mind and help to keep you safe and healthy.

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