Taking Better Care Of Your Skin

Undergo Combined Microneedling And Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedure To Correct Your Skin Flaws

Do you have skin problems that continue to drive you to distraction and make you look older than you are? You can benefit from microneedling technology that will get rid of all embarrassing and unsightly wrinkles, acne scars, and other troubling skin flaws that you determine to be unattractive. Microneedling works to prevent skin aging. This technology successfully rejuvenates and revives your glowing skin health. As a result of your microneedling procedure, you reclaim your beautiful skin free of its current blemishes.

Defining Microneedling

The science of this technology lies in collagen induction therapy. Your licensed dermatologist uses this therapy via an instrument that contains small needles. When you undergo microneedling, the needles are rolled over your neck or facial areas. The needles actually create controlled punctures that prepare your skin to accept the corrective process. Your skin automatically goes into repair mode to accept microneedling. It's a pain-free process wherein lots of tiny pinpricks influence the repair process to accept elastin and collagen proteins. This then prevents the aging signs you've become aware of and simultaneously corrects the flaws.

Treating Your Skin Flaws

Your dermatologist introduces the microneedling method that entails the use of platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Your own platelet-rich plasma is drawn and used to naturally rejuvenate your skin. PRP stimulates your skin to heighten collagen and elastin protein production. These two naturally produced proteins respond by maintaining and retaining your replenished and smooth skin when applied for various skin aging problems.

When the healing process begins following your PRP treatment, formation of new blood vessels begin to materialize, which result in better blood flow to the treated area of your body. PRP also stimulates regrowth of skin connective tissues. All of this interaction acts to smooth out the treated PRP area. This helps you to gain an overall healthier skin appearance.

Types Of Treatment Addressed

There is a wide array of skin conditions that can be addressed with microneedling and PRP treatment. They include surgical and acne scars, thin and sagging skin, enlarged pores, and stretch marks. The treatment method is a proven and effective application for your face. It is used on your neck with success as well. The technology also works with stunning results on your legs and arms, abdomen and back, and on your hands too.

Sun Damage And Hyperpigmentation

Note also that when regeneration is stimulated with microneedling, the collagen produced can be used to reverse sun damage. Collagen treatment also removes discoloration such as hyperpigmentation that's brought on by melasma. Melasma is a sort of tan discoloration that shows up on your face when you're pregnant or using a contraceptive.