Taking Better Care Of Your Skin

4 Ways To Prepare Your Skin For Winter

With the winter season approaching, you might be worried about what it's going to do to your skin. After all, you've fallen into the perfect summer routine for keeping your face glowing, but now it needs to change since the weather can change your skin's pH. Here are four ways to help yourself prepare for this:

  1. Take Short Showers: While the colder weather is going to make you want to stay in the nice, warm shower longer, it's really important that you still keep your showers as short as possible and possibly even shorter. Since the air is drier in the winter, your skin is going to dry out faster and hot water is only going to make it worse since it strips away your natural oils. 
  2. Get Your Omega On: Omega-3 fatty acids are great for your skin, especially in the winter because it keeps your skin soft, which is what prevents it from drying out. Be sure that you include fish, especially salmon in your diet, as well as flaxseed oil, which you can add to pretty much anything, such as salads, pasta, and more. This should definitely help prevent your skin from drying out. 
  3. Use a Moisturizing Lotion: Don't forget to keep applying moisture to your face after washing. Too often, people don't do this because they don't need that protection from the sun anymore when actually this isn't the case. You want a moisturizing lotion to prevent drying out, as well as a lotion that still contains SPF since the sun is still doing damage to your skin even in this weather. 
  4. Clean Up Your Skin Products: Now is the time to toss away old make up, lotions, and cleansers and invest in new ones. Using old products can not only lead to an infection of the skin, but it can be damaging, especially to dried out skin. Melted foundation can sink into your dried out pores causing break outs that appear even worse on dried out skin. And old moisturizers just don't have the proper moisturizing affect any longer. 

With these four tips in mind, you can better prepare your skin for winter, which will prevent you from having to go through a period of bad breakouts and severely dry skin that makes it even worse. This way, you can go into the fall weather with nothing on your mind but the nice weather and quality family time with the holidays approaching. For more information, contact establishments like Georgia Skin Cancer & Aesthetic Dermatology.