Taking Better Care Of Your Skin

Preparing For Moh's Surgery

Cancer is a very scary condition that people have to endure, and it is responsible for a lot of deaths in the United States each year. One type of cancer that is often overlooked is skin cancer. Many people do not consider skin cancer to be as dangerous as other types of cancer, but it is extremely dangerous. It is estimated that in 2017 there will be over 87,000 cases of invasive skin cancer and that over 9,000 deaths will be caused by skin cancer. These are startling statistics without a doubt. The good news is there has been a surgery developed to help decrease the amount of deaths resulting from skin cancer. This surgery is called Moh's Surgery. This surgery is simply when the doctor cuts layers of cancerous tissue off the body, until no cancerous tissue is left on the body. Here are a few things to do to prepare for Moh's Surgery 

Stop Taking Blood Thinners

The doctor is likely going to tell you not to take any type of medical blood thinner. As you can imagine, cutting tissue away from your body will likely cause bleeding, and it is important for the doctor to get the bleeding under control. So, you should follow your doctor's orders and stop taking medical blood thinners. However, you should also consider natural blood thinners as well. Some natural blood thinners that you should stay away from are garlic, vitamin E, fish oil, and ginger. 

Pepare For Recovery

Recovery from Moh's Surgery is generally not that intense. In fact, most people can go back to work the same day, but it is good to give yourself a few days rest. For this purpose, if at all possible, you should consider getting the surgery on a Friday to allow your body to recover. You should also go to the store for medicated ointment before you go to the doctor. This will save you a trip to the doctor after the surgery.

Arrange A Ride Home

You will likely only have to go through local anesthesia, so you brain will likely not be foggy. However, you may not react very well to the anesthesia, the loss of blood, or the surgery extremely well. For this reason you should plan on having a close friend or family member pick you up from the surgery. This will allow you to continue to rest so you are not behind the wheel at such a vulnerable time. 

For more information on skin cancer surgeries, contact a dermatologist.